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Every supplier on supplier.igxe.com is our honored customer. As a reward for our suppliers, we decide to improve our VIP system, and bring it into effect. As a VIP supplier, you will enjoy the superiority of "trade opportunities", "buy-all service", and "credits for cash". The best thing is: everyone has an opportunity to be a VIP supplier.


1. How can I make "credits" on supplier.igxe.com?


You need to have an account on our website, if you haven't made one yet, please register here: http://supplier.igxe.com.cn/register.cfm

Every time you place a quote, and finish the deal, you will get credits added into your account. The rate is: $100:1 Credit.

You can share our website with your friends, every single new supplier registers on our website, if he's recommended by you and able

       to supply us continuously at least for 2 months, you will get extra 5 credits added to your account.

Supplier.igxe.com will have different kinds of supplier match. Top 10 suppliers of each match will have a chance to win 5 credits.

2. How could I be a VIP supplier? And How can I raise my VIP class?


Make sure you have already registered on our website, and have an available user account.

Weekly VIP will be created by calculating every supplier's weekly quotes automatically by the system.

More than 500 credits in a single year, you'll be our permanent VIP class:B

More than 1000 credits in a single year, you'll be our permanent VIP class:A

More than 2000 credits in a single year, you'll be our permanent VIP class:S

Weekly VIP and permanent VIP can not be reacted on one account at the same time, in the same period, you'll enjoy the priority of

       higher class.

3. The extra convenience service for VIP suppliers.

For every single quote, VIP suppliers can win more cash than the prices on our website according to the rate of different VIP classes.

VIPs have the priority to get the purchasing information from IGXE.

VIPs have a priority to sell to us.

IGXE will buy your Excess Inventory under the tolerable situation.

You'll get VIP a beautiful gift at the end of the year.

4. How to use the credits?

To participate in the VIP suppliers' special offers.

To use the credits to get the chance to sell your Excess Inventory.

To exchange your credits into cash.

If you have got more than 400 credits, you can ask for exchange from the agents of IGXE.com.

And the rate of exchange is: 1 credits for $0.1.

5. The rules of credits accumulation and elimination 

The calculation of credits accumulation starts from the beginning of the year, and ends at the end of the year.

All the remaining credits on your account will be reset at the end of the year.

The credits you exchanged to cash will be deducted from the account automatically.


The new VIP system comes into force from 2011-4-19. We're still working hard to improve the VIP system. If you have any good idea

or suggestions, you're more than welcome to contact us by

Email: softisland_2010@hotmail.com




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Dear suppliers,

We will delete the official skype:suppliers2015, and official email:suppliers2015@hotmail.com from our site, we  won't use them any more. and the below skypes and emails will instead of them.
These skypes and emails are in charge of fifa coins. Pls contact us via the above contact methods. Thank you!

We apologize for the inconvenience.


IGXE Supplier Department




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Be Careful with Scammers

Dear Suppliers,

We received lots of complaints recently. All complaints are about SCAMMERS.

We really thanks for your suppor for IGXE Supplier Department and also welcome the newcomers.

Please remember to check the contact information on http://supplier.igxe.com/livehelp/contact.cfm . If his account is not on our official contact list, please be alert while trading with them , even though they are offering a nice price.

IGXE Supplier Department

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